It is established scientifically that in the next 20 years the world’s population will continually increase, with a 2 billion population increase expected for this period. For this reason the manufacturers of the future will need to produce more with the available resources, while being environmentally responsive by decreasing greenhouse emissions and preserving natural habitats.
All this means that agricultural manufacturers will have to increase their output from a unit of land.
Namely these facts are the foundations of Pirgos Agro Ltd. The company was founded in the year 2000 in Burgas Ever since its inception, with a focus to the future and a long-term vision, the company decided to bet on sustainable agriculture by helping manufacturers to increase the quality and quantity of their produce with several main types of products: seeds, fertilizers, plant protections, etc.
Pirgos Argo, being an exclusive representative of the Institute of Field and Vegetable Crops – NSSeme, Novi Sad, Serbia, embodies the variety of the European agriculture with a wide array of high quality seeds in its portfolio, such as: wheat, soy, barley, triticale, sunflower, corn, alfalfa, sesanda, vegetables and others. The seeds that we offed are high-yield and shock-proof (drought and moisture resistant). They will not only break even on your investment, but actually double your profit per unit of land. The unique thing about them is that they have been observed by farmers with proven loyalty and professionalism in agricultural manufacturing. You can see their results in the News section of our website.